Often it may seem that those having short hair are not awarded the same styling options as those blessed with healthy longer locks. There is a host of ponytails, braids and buns that are designed solely with a long-haired girl in mind. However, what if you have short hair and want to rock one of those chic styles? Well, the answer lies in the pictures below.

Pros of Short Hair Buns

In some cases it may be more of a struggle (depending on length), but despite that, there are cute and stylish ways to create a bun even when you have short hair. Buns for short hair run the gamut from modern and edgy to classic and chic, it all depends on the style you want to achieve.

One of the best things about opting to wear a bun is that it is a great alternative to wearing a ponytail. With a bun for a short length, you don’t have to worry if you have enough hair to fill it out like you would with a ponytail. So sit back, and check out some of the best short bun hairstyles online!

#1: Wispy Bun-Like Updo

loose low updo for short hair


Adding a welcome touch of elegant romance, this wispy hair bun is perfectly pretty. Some drama and a sexy feel are enhanced by the wisps of hair escaping each side. This low updo can be done in a matter of minutes by skilled hands.

#2: Curly Bun with Hair Flowers

It’s pretty fascinating what the right hair accessory can do for a hairstyle. Buns for short hair often need a little something extra to make them standout, and a single white floral accessory is the perfect compliment to a bun.

wedding bun for shorter hair

Instagram / @FOXANDDOLL

#3: Small Low Bun with a Bouffant

Cute, polished and sweet are the words that best describe this miniature bun for short hair. With a voluminous crown and a tucked-twisted bun, this is as neat as it gets.

low formal updo for short hair


#4: Swirl Bun

Getting creative with the actual styling of your short hair buns is a way to stand out from the rest. Perhaps you should try out this swirl design, which is a definite conversation starter thanks to its intricacies.

creative messy updo


#5: Fancy Twisted Updo

If braids and traditional buns aren’t your thing, perhaps twisting your hair into a bun-like updo will do the trick. Short hair needs to be styled loosely to give the body to your updo, and at the same time every lock has to be pinned skillfully for your whole hairstyle to hold. That’s a job for a professional, of course.

low blonde updo for short hair


#6: Gathered Loose Bun

Hair buns are often associated with slick, tight and high-atop-the-head rigid ballerina updos. However, today’s buns, like the one seen here, are looser and more romantic. Best of all, they work for short hair, too!

Bun For Short Wavy Hair


#7: Short Updo

While certain hair types will mold more easily into the bun form, length no longer has anything to do with nailing a gorgeous updo. This short and simple bun involves gathering hair straight back and securing it into a roll with hair pins.

Messy Bun For Short Hair


#8: Ice Princess Bun

Let it all go with this casual bun style inspired by that popular Disney princess. It’s easy to steal Elsa’s style, even if your hair is much shorter.

Side Low Knot Updo


#9: Volumized Short Hair Bun

Teasing the under layer of hair while allowing a curled tendril or two to hang loose will create the illusion of hair that’s longer than it really is. If you love the look of a hair bun but aren’t so sure how to pull it off, try this style on for size.

Low Loose Curly Bun


#10: Short Showcase of Color

One of the great things about short hair is that your hair coloring appointments get much more affordable. However, you can still show off your gorgeous, creative color with a side bun and braid combo that’s sure to shine.

Braid Into Bun For Shorter Hair



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