Short Hairstyles for Fine Hair

If you’ve got fine hair, each individual strand is relatively small in diameter. This probably means your hair has a silky smooth texture, but it can also leave you with hair that might have trouble holding a curl, and can be prone to looking limp and lifeless. If you like wearing your fine hair on the shorter side, there are tons of options for pixies and bobs that will showcase the silky strands you’ve got and make them look bouncy and vibrant. We’ve gathered some of our favorite short haircuts for fine hair to help you make the most of your finely textured mane.

1. Textured Bob

If you want your fine hair to look pumped up and voluminous, look for a bob haircut that creates shape without sacrificing large amounts of your hair. With long bangs and lots of texturizing, this bob gives you a bouncy style without taking away too much of your hair.

2. Feminine Pixie

Michelle Williams’ ultra popular pixie is the perfect super short cut for women with fine hair. Longer pieces of hair in the top layers let you sweep hair over to the side, creating a sleek silhouette that can look too puffy or boxy with thick or coarse strands.

3. Lob with Center Parted Bangs

Center parted bangs are great for fine hair, as they don’t really take volume away from the body of your haircut. These hybrid bangs can be used to frame the face but also tuck nicely away on days when you’d like to wear your hair in an up or half-up style.

4. Finger Waves Bob

Finger waves are a great way to add softness and texture to a bob haircut that has little to no layering. If your hair is too short to throw into a classic updo or too fine to hold big, bouncy curls, finger waves are the perfect alternative for a special occasion.

5. A-Line Bob with soft highlights

This blunt A-line cut is super classic and looks great on both fine and thick hair. The highlights add a fuller look to the hair.

6. Soft Asymmetrical Lob

Want to add interest to your fine hair without using a ton of layering? The slight asymmetry in this style creates visual appeal, but still makes for a manageable haircut on busier days.

7. Simple Blunt Bob

This simple blunt bob is an easy haircut that has a lot going for it. Your fine hair will be showcased to maximum effect in a hairstyle that’s easy to style and maintain. Landing just below the chin, this style is especially flattering on women with heart shaped faces.

8. Short Wispy Bob

With light layers and wispy texture that frames the eyes, this short bob will prevent your fine hair from hanging limply around your face. If your fine hair is very dense, you can even try this style with an undercut to help eliminate some bulky hair at the back of your neck.


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